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Think of how you actually operate in your work situation. If you are not working, think of your latest work situation. If you have not had a job, think of yourself in your private situation. Dont answer how you think others perceives you or how you want to be perceived by others.


This questionnaire should take maximum 10 minutes. Try to find peaceful and quiet place when filling in the form. Also try to be spontaneous without too much thinking.

The result is confidential and will not be distributed to any other person without your consent.

Select only 2 alternatives from the 4 statements in each question. Put a next to the statement that best describes yourself, and a next to the statement that least well describes yourself. Continue doing so for all 25 questions. All rows in the questionnaire can be prefixed with I am (a/an) ...


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Choose the alternative that is most suited and one that are least suited.

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